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Luckily, ‘staying in’ was already becoming the new ‘going out’ before it even became a necessity. But what can you do if you’re not used to being at home for long periods of time?

At Belle de Soireewe think that this could be the chance to have a really good sort out and redefine your style – after all, when the caterpillar goes into his cocoon he emerges a butterfly; and imposed time indoors is the perfect chance to sort through your wardrobes, accessories, makeup, and those long-forgotten jewellery boxes to decide what works, what doesn’t and what you’re missing.

Get Prepared….

Before you get started its good to have an idea of what you want to achieve – this should help you to stay focused and not get distracted! Will you be looking to get rid of clothing that no longer fits you or is now out of style (not everything will come back into fashion…) or do you already have a great selection of clothes but need to reacquaint yourself with the items you do have and see what can work well together? Maybe you’re hoping that a general clear out will show up any gaps you may have that can be filled by a new purchase? Or decide on some statement jewelleryto go with your capsule pieces?

Whatever your preferred outcome approaching it with a goal will help to focus your mind.

Make a date…

Even though you may have a lot of time on your hands – make a date. Allocate a dedicated time slot to making a start – This is true of any task you need to undertake, even when you literally have all day to do it!

Maybe make an event of it, pour a glass of something nice, choose some background music and get ready for a few hours of therapeutic dressing up, trying on and clearing out!

Be honest…

Pandemic or not, whenever you commit to having a clear-out you have to be brutally honest with yourself about what you should or shouldn’t keep. Some clothes really won’t come back into fashion again, or will they ever fit you even if they did?

If you’re not at home alone then ask for a second opinion - or even take pictures whilst trying things on to send to trusted friends (if you’re feeling brave then why not ‘go live’ and turn it into a virtual party!)

For more tips about deciding what you should or shouldn’t keep visiting our ‘finding your style’ article.

Make a list…..

Once your cupboards are looking clearer you can make a note of anything that was missing! Do you have a lot of lovely tops but limited items for the bottom half? Or maybe you only have trousers but no skirts? Were you lacking in accessories or jewellery? By making a list you can ensure that you are clear about what you need and can spend your time researching and buying quality timeless pieces to complement your new style.

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