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When you’re feeling seasonally unprepared it can be tempting to revolutionize your wardrobe; especially as the weather changes and nothing looks or feels right. But being stylish, and finding your style, isn’t something that can be achieved in a ‘panic buy’ shopping spree just because it’s time to pack away your bikini. Creating the perfect wardrobe should be a slower, more revolutionary and organic process of buying the right items over time.

Dress For You

Firstly it’s important to ‘Dress for you’. Take some time to appreciate what looks good on you and how you should wear certain items, the colors that work for your skin tones and hair. Make sure that the clothes you are buying are right for you and your body shape.

Take the time to really look at yourself in the clothes you are wearing. There is often a tendency to hide certain features away or to disguise who we really are – but those broader shoulders or a long torso aren’t going to go away! And wearing floaty clothes to hide a few extra pounds is probably adding even more to your frame.

For help identifying your shape use this clever tool.


Finding your style will have an element of experimenting involved. Be brave and try to swap at least one item of your ‘go-to’ comfort pieces with something a little smarter. Those flat pumps that have become your daily footwear – try a kitten heel! Those slouchy black trousers try a tailored pair for a change, a jacket instead of a cardigan.

Choosing a new color palette can also be a game-changer, the next time you’re in a store or online shopping try picking out something in a color you wouldn’t usually try. Be brave!

Although it’s great to try new things there is nothing wrong with sticking with something that works – especially a brand that works well for your shape. We all know that sizes and cuts vary between companies so rejoice when you find the right one for you and know that they can become your future first port of call.

Trying new things is as much about recognizing what doesn’t work for you as what does, and is a process that should be constantly revisited as you grow older, change shape, hairstyle, and lifestyle.

Once you have an idea of what you can wear you can audit the wardrobe you have, remove the items that don’t work and start to add to new pieces. Most importantly you can reacquaint yourself with those forgotten items.

Finding Your Style Wardrobe Rules 

Don’t buy (or keep) something that doesn’t fit. We’re all guilty of it. Purchasing that item that you might get into one day or fits in so many places but then looks all wrong somewhere else! Or buying something because it’s fashionable or an absolute bargain.

Identify Your Signature Style

Once you have assessed your wardrobe you will probably have a much clearer idea of the staples that make up your ‘signature style’ – whether clothing, accessories or the perfect blow-dry. Use Pinterest to create mood and style boards; add your own icons to it and use them for inspiration.

A successful signature style is one that will work for years but once you’ve got it everything else falls into place.

 The new year is the best time to work on finding your style. We are here to help.

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