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As high street stores have been affected by the isolation restrictions many have had to close their doors – but even before they did Zhang Yongtao, Chief Executive Officer of the China Gold Association recently noted in an interview with Bloomberg that “People are not in the mood to shop for jewellery”.

After all, for many jewellery is an occasional indulgence, often an investment or bought with purpose as a gift or to mark a special occasion; But maybe now IS a great time to head online and investigate some individual pieces that you can wear for future occasions or keep for future generations?

But it doesn’t have to be about gold jewellery - here are some great reasons for buying pieces right now!

Jewellery holds memories…

There is a lot going on in the world at the moment and this is a time of great change. Although it can feel unsettling there are valuable lessons to be learned and retained – so why not buy your ‘2020’ memory piece? That item of jewellery that, every time it is worn, reminds you to cherish your freedom and the life that we take for granted.

Jewellery makes a great gift…

When you can’t be with loved ones or friends why not let them know they’re missed? A beautiful necklace or bracelet personally chosen and delivered to their door is a thoughtful and generous gift that they can continue to enjoy for years to come.

jewellery can be an investment….

The financial markets may be unstable at the present time but there has always been a notion that jewellery will retain its value. Maybe you could use the time to research the best pieces to buy to reap future rewards?

Jewellery can add a new dimension to your new streamlined wardrobe….

If you’ve taken the opportunity to have a good clear out of your clothes and accessories during lockdown then now is a great time to order some pieces online to add to your newly defined wardrobe and have some indulgence without feeling guilty.

And if you’re still undecided then venture online and have a look for yourself – the internet allows you to browse lots of pieces that you maybe wouldn’t even consider normally – and by buying online you can still help to keep a business going! The BelleDeSoiree website has a fantastic selection of pieces to suit all occasions and budgets.

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