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Our pampered pets are part of our families. Every member of the family needs to be spoiled now and then.

Are you a pampered pet owner? If so, you are likely spending more money than ever on pet-related goods and services. In the UK a dog owner spends an average of £1,252 per year and over 43% of the money goes to toys, grooming, clothing, and accessories. You might be surprised how spoiled some of our companions can get!

In the US, The National Retail Federation estimated that in 2017, Americans spent $593 million to give their pets Valentine’s Day gifts and around $440 million to dress their pets in Halloween costumes.

What Luxuries Do Pampered Pets Enjoy?

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Pet costumes and holiday gifts are small extravagances compared to the following examples we have spotted on the market:

  • Dog Manors. Hecate Verona has created the world’s most exclusive dog manors kennel at £170k. These come with high-tech gadgets including heating, air conditioning, treat dispensers and even a conference calling system for the dog and its owner. 
  • Versailles like hen house. Priced at £82k, a Heritage Hen mini-farm designed by Svetlana Simon in Florida, featuring a nesting area, a “living room” for night time roosting, a broody room, a library filled with chicken and gardening books for visitors of the human kind and, of course, an elegant chandelier; all this to get the best and healthiest eggs! 
  • Kitty Mansions’. Buckingham Palace cat house priced at £2k where cats can feel like part of the Royal Family with large bedroom areas, overhead tunnels, royal seats, large scratching posts, ramps, slides. 
  • Dog Resort. The House of Mutts in Norfolk (UK), a hotel for “dogs of distinction” at nearly £50 per night created by Sarah Mountford, with a canine club, an Eton-like school, and a luxury shop.
  • Travel in Style.Louis Vuitton carries a custom pet carrier personalized with dog’s initials at £2.000.
  • Pet Haute Couture. Read the incredible story of Ada Nieves who became a famous Pet fashion designer and creates luxury outfits for dogs, cats, hamsters, pigs, a bearded dragon, and even chicken (like the emblematic chicken “Lady Gaga”) in her bespoke atelier. 
  • Luxury Pet Funerals. And when it comes to your beloved pet’s funeral, Celestis is organizing memorial spaceflights for your pet’s remains. Starting at nearly $5.000 a spacecraft carries your beloved pet’s “cremated remains or DNA into orbit where it remains until it re-enters the atmosphere, harmlessly vaporizing like a shooting star in final tribute.”  

Due to the increasing demand for pampered pets products and services, many gourmet and luxury businesses have launched dedicated exclusively to spoiling animals around the world. 

Do you own a pampered pet? If so, share your story with us in the comments.

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