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wedding accessories                  wedding accessories

So here’s the situation, you have just made the most difficult choice, you said yes again but this time it’s to the dress! We feel for you; we know it’s even harder than the first yes to your groom to be but you made it!

Although the dream dress has now been selected, the venture continues, now with even more excitement because the complete outfit needs to match and complement perfectly. It’s ‘common women knowledge’ that in order to enhance the beauty of any dress, the wedding accessories need to be just right and when it comes to the wedding dress, the standards of the attire perfection are racked up to another level. Not to worry, we are here to help you pick the ideal wedding accessories to go with your dress.

Begin With a List

First things first, you need to write down in a list, all the forever worn wedding accessories of a bride and later check out whatever suits you as per your style and perhaps tradition. Here’s our checklist:

  • Veil or headpiece
  • Hair Pieces – jewelry, hairpins, etc.
  • Bridal Jewelry
  • Corsages & Bouquets
  • Clutch bags
  • Footwear
  • Garter
  • Bridal Lingerie
  • Bridal shrug-Bolero or cardigan (in case it is forecasted to get chilly or it is a winter wedding)

Now that you have your list ready, you can easily add or eliminate as per your preference. Don’t just depend on the current fashion when creating your entire bridal look, but choose from what is truly your style and things you are comfortable with.

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Best Wedding Accessories       Best Wedding Accessories

Finding Wedding Accessories for the Big Day

Colour and Design Coordination

Let’s talk about what you keep as the base when trying to complement the dress with the accessories. If white is your color then you are fairly clear about your color option. But here’s the tricky part! You need to understand your wedding dress theme.

Are the designs and embellishments elegant and subtle or extravagant and glittery? Have you selected a hippy floral, baroque trim dress, or a chicly draped wedding gown? Whatever your choice of the dress is, the accessories cannot fall too far from it, as the theme needs to be consistent for the attire to look harmonious and for you to look divine.

Where to Shop For Wedding Accessories

Your options for reviewing wedding accessories stretch from the recent bridal fashion weeks, weddings and fashion magazines to online websites and wedding blogs. You can research each accessory category separately to make sense of how you would want to complete your entire look. Numerous websites will accommodate you in this quest; however, Pinterest is one great platform for exploring multiple options.

Once you are clear on what you are looking for, you can visit boutiques and shops in your area or on the web. Moreover, seeking services or opinions from a bridal consultant will help a great deal in this pursuit. By doing so, you will find solutions to all your accessories woes under one roof.

But, if nothing works out and you are still left feeling indecisive, a safe bet would be to move ahead as planned initially as per your research and ideas. We hope this helped you calm down your nervous bridal rampage by giving you direction to know where to begin and end to complete your wedding day look. It is all about organization and planning things in advance. With our best wishes!


Best Wedding Accessories     Best Wedding Accessories


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