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    French culture    Eiffel Tower- The French Way

What Does ‘The French Way’ Mean to You?

Do you think of the accent, the landmarks? The food (snails and frogs legs)? Maybe your mind immediately wanders to the famous paintings and artists, Monet, Cezanne, Renoir, and the Louvre. And when you think of the people? The chic outfits of Chanel and the perfume houses of the country? Champagne, wine, the Can-Can, and Moulin Rouge?

France and ‘French’ means many things to many people; all of the above and even more.

    French cuisine    French landmarks


It would be easy to assume that ‘the French way’ is a little overwhelming – a country that thrives on culture, colours, scents, and the senses. But actually, the people of France are raised with a very ‘less is more’ attitude and encouraged to find pleasure in living life by every day, not by a ‘to do’ list.

Is it any wonder that a favourite way to pass the time in France is by living ‘in the moment’ and why the cafes and bars are such popular destinations for people to watch the world go by and enjoy their own company. Walking is also a favoured pastime as the French value time spent immersing themselves in their own neighbourhoods and society.


  French cafe    French cafe



Home is also very important to the French and considered a sanctuary. Whilst not overly furnished homes are often minimalist but practical, modest but functional. A place to relax and think. Peruse our range of French-inspired homewares.


    French inspired home decor    French landscapes

Scents and fragrance are also key to French people, both on their person and in their homes. Scent and perfume are considered a signature and a defining part of their lives.


Just because the French appreciate the time spent alone this doesn’t detract from the pleasure they find in socializing and the art of conversation. The French home is always prepared to receive visitors or stocked with giftsfor an impromptu invite.

The French Way is to never come empty-handed when invited, or be thoughtful for a gift for valentinefor instance.

    The French Way    French Bistro   

This love of socializing goes hand in hand with another great love….


Food. Cooking it, eating it, growing it and even buying it (farmers markets are a French tradition). All are considered pleasurable experiences to be savored and combine to create the relationship that French people have with their food.

The French are a nation for whom seasonal eating is important. And it’s not unusual for dinners to be spread over many hours so that eating becomes a sociable, relaxed and enjoyable event – not something to be rushed; encouraging communication and conversation. Enjoy our selection of dinner party items.  


    French cheese plate    French croissants

                                    The French Way socializing


The conversation is very important to French life and the time spent in cafes or socializing over long lunches and dinners encourage this. The conversation also embraces the value of the French place on a cultured mind. Although they appreciate quality and beautiful things the French are not materialistic. Instead, they value intelligence and a willingness to learn. They devour the arts, new information, ways of learning and broadening their thinking.


Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about France is its relationship with fashion and its influence across the world. To the French ‘Dress your best’ doesn’t correlate to the price tag of the clothes you choose to wear but instead capturing a fuss-free, uncomplicated way of dressing. Favouring capsule wardrobes in minimalistic, neutral colours (trainers are for the gym!) – whilst hair and make-up complete the outfit, they are not competing.


      French jewelry    French fashion accessories

Visit Belle de Soiree for a selection of French-inspired jewellery and accessories.

Belle de Soiree is influenced by these elements of the ‘French Way’.

Stocking practical, elegant, affordable and thoughtful gifts, homewares and scents for the soiree, for the occasion. With a selection of cutlery and adornments to host the perfect dinner party, beautifuljewellery, earrings (likethe Ellie rhinestones) to add the finishing touch to an outfit, candles, and atomizers to perfume your world.


    French Landmarks    French cobblestone street

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