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How do you feel about the summer and the idea of dressing for the beach and (hopefully) warmer weather? There’s no doubt that the idea of getting yourself ‘beach ready' has become something of a  social norm, considered by many to be as much a part of summer holiday prep as buying sun lotion or those new flip flops; the annual sense of pressure (whether you bow to it or not) to embrace the sunshine.

But what if you don’t feel beach ready? What if you’re never going to feel comfortable baring all on the beach or by the pool? What if you simply reject the pressure to conform?

Have Fun with Summer Fashion Accessories

Not everyone relishes donning a swimming costume or minimal outfit,  but embracing the summer doesn’t have to mean wearing as little as possible, in fact, it can be a great excuse to accessorize and add in some fun, eye-catching, summer fashion accessories. An oversized bag  to take to the beach or park, or something as simple as a colorful Hair Band can make your outfit pop!

Summer Fashion Jewellery

What are your accessory options? And where do you start?

Jewellery is a great way to dress up and add a little something extra to your look. One ‘top tip’ is to choose a statement piece (think big, fun, costume pieces). Chunky, colourful;  ‘Dangly’or fun statement earrings  come in a range of colour and materials, resin stones, feather tassels.  Or maybe something a little more sparkly? Rhinestones and diamantes  don’t just have to be reserved for evenings out. You can even pair your earring choices with matching jewellery sets, bangles and  bracelets;  or why not a genuine piece of silver or 18K gold? 

You can also decide to wear something understated but get a fun big ring  to make a statement.

Summer Fashion Handbags

If jewellery isn’t for you then you could consider a more practical addition in the form of a bag or purse?  Or take inspiration from Hollywood? An oversized sunhat on the beach, paired with big sunglasses, add a scarf and think Sophia Lauren and Coco Chanel.  Above all look for something that makes you feel good. 

Center Your Summer Fashion Accessories

Another approach is to turn to accessorize on its head – build your outfit around your favourite accessory and make that the foundation of your appearance - instead of just using accessories to accompany your clothes. The brighter and more outstanding the accessories, the more understated you can make your choice of outfit. Perfect for ladies whose wardrobe is more on the monochrome side.

Aside from the obligation of wearing a mask in many places this summer- which can still be chic; the main rule for summer fashion accessorizing is….there are no rules!  In very little time you can make your outfit your own and define your very own ‘summer look' – whatever the weather.


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