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Possibly the most important tip I can give you how to pack light for traveling is ‘Check your baggage allowance limits’ – and I say this as someone who has just returned from a short break with an airline who (in the few weeks since I last flew with them) have revised their allowance limits.

I can promise you that unpacking and re-arranging 6 cases at 5 am in the morning with 4 tired children and 2 stressed adults are not the best way to start your holiday. If in doubt you can check for clarification on the airlines' website. This includes checking weight and size limits as well as what does and doesn’t count as cabin baggage and definitely don’t assume that what worked last time still applies…..

So once you’ve made sure you know what you can take our handy suggestions for how to pack light can help you make sure you pack everything you need and get it there safely.

Make a List

Whether you’re going for a week, a weekend or a month – Tick it off as you go and make a note of the last minute items you might need to pop in (those phone chargers or the toothbrushes you need to use one last time and then won’t remember to pack).

If you don’t know where to start there are lots of helpful lists to print and download from the internet and once you’ve used one then keep it handy for next time.

Be Brutal

Do you really need 6 pairs of flip flops and 3 pairs of trainers? Jeans AND a spare pair? In fact, some people argue that you only need to pack two pairs of shoes for any holiday. And will you really wear everything you’ve packed? Resist throwing those last-minute extras in! Revisit your packing and take some items out, especially if you want to bring souvenirs home.

Pack Clever

If space is limited but you want outfits for all occasions to think about using accessories – especially scarves, jewelry and hats (foldable of course!)

Make Smart Use of Space

Fill shoes with rolled socks and underwear to make the best use of the available space. Packing cubes and compartments are brilliant for separating items and accessing only what you need; or invest in some vacuum pack bags to keep clothes clean and safe on the journey.

Rolling clothes uses much less space than folding (ironing is overrated anyway!)

Use Ziplock Bags

Pack charging cables, house, and car keys, smaller gadgets, etc in ziplock bags so they’re not floating around in your case. Much easier to find when you need them without emptying your case again.

Split Your Luggage

If you’re traveling with family or in a couple spread the contents of cases. That way if one goes missing at least you will (hopefully) have some clean underwear to use!

Similarly, be clever with your hand luggage – pack some underwear and a spare t-shirt as a precaution and use one of those afore-mentioned ziplock bags to keep a selection of ‘essentials’ in your hand luggage (consider lip balm, paracetamol, earplugs, cable ties! Notebook and a pen, packet of tissues…)

Holiday Reading

Invest in an e-reader (then you won’t be tempted to check those emails and social media accounts) and avoid carrying heavy books with you. Download your choices in advance to ensure you have a variety of summer reads….

Decorate Your Luggage

Tie ribbons or strings to it, use a belt around it, add stickers? Anything to help it stand out amongst the many other generic cases on the carousel.

Check out the elegant Slick Monoco Backpack for a great carry on bag to hold the essentials.


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