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Do you ever get anxious when you have a party coming up on the calendar? Some people seem to have an easy time when attending a social gathering. They always appear sure of themselves, walking confidently into any space. 

They stand upright, walk with ease, heads held high with a big smile on their faces. They exude an aura of self-assuredness and it seems that everyone wants to gather around them.

Others experience party anxiety. For others, although they enjoy going out, it is at times difficult to go to a party, a dinner, a social event- especially if they have no one to go with. Why is this? Why is it so easy for some and equally tough for others?

Fear Plays a Part in Party Anxiety

Fear has affected a lot of people, especially in their daily lives. People have found various ways to describe fear, as the word itself, ‘fear’ sounds too scary and no one wants to admit that they’re scared.

So you hear people say "I am too shy" or "I am just nervous".

For many, having their social lives disrupted by fear has become a normal occurrence. 

Whether it is a low or high level of fear, there is a definite need to recognize it. handle and cope with it properly in order to share positive experiences and not sabotage our lives.

So why are some people either not going to that social event altogether or so fearful that they develop panic attacks or a high level of anxiety?

Most women from an early age aspire to be the best and now when it comes to social life, they have to face so many expectations.

The way we talk and communicate, how we handle ourselves, our hair, makeup, the clothes we wear - does it really blend with the occasion or is it out of place? 

Sadly, some women have come to accept anxiety as a way of life.

On that basis, it is not too difficult to understand why some of us are afraid and even experience panic attacks when going to a party or social event alone.

Time Crunch Contributes to Party Anxiety

You know a woman can never have enough time to get ready. Right? Well, that's her nature but when it starts to take too long, some anxiety sets in.

About what? You may ask.

She may be anxious about who she may meet at the party, she could be anxious about making the right impression and so on.

Going out with friends and loved ones could be the only way out.

Insecurity Contributes to Party Anxiety

Due to a lack of self-esteem, some women experience anxiety when going to an event alone because they feel they are not good enough; scared of what people will say or think.

Others feel they are too skinny or too fat or too ugly, the list goes on and they feel that if they are not going with someone, they will be unable to cope. They thus use their friends or inner circle as a shield behind which to somehow hide and feel good about themselves.

Safety Concerns Contribute to Party Anxiety

In some circles, some women get anxious about attending a party worrying about their safety.

A lot of people have lost some opportunities due to social anxiety disorders. But it can be handled properly. How do you handle going without a buddy to functions?

It has been advised by various reputable psychologists from The National Psychological Association not to wait to have a companion to go with you. Just go out! Go out, dare to get that benefit of going out to have fun. You might actually be positively surprised.

Overcome Party Anxiety with Confidence

Look, whether you are skinny or plump, it makes no difference. There’s no point trying to quickly lose some weight before the soiree.

The secret is to love ourselves just the way we are.

You have to be confident in your own skin. You have to love yourself and walk like you own the world.

No matter how perfect you think you are, some people will still find flaws in you.

That is how life is and you have to go on and make the right choice because you only live once.

Some people use fashion to help them feel confident because looking and feeling good in your clothes and/or jewellery can help.

Confront Your Fears and Be Prepared

Fear is a thing of the mind and the truth is that many are guarded by anxiety. Anxiety makes things appear unconquerable. But when you go to that party without anybody, you discover that there was absolutely nothing to be anxious about.

Practice makes perfect. You have to accept what makes you anxious and practice them daily. I don’t mean you have to go to parties every day 24/7 but when you are invited, do go.

Be Aware                                                                   

The fact that you have been advised to confront your fears doesn't necessarily mean you should throw caution to the wind. You still have to play your part in being security conscious always.

Be Sociable, mingle, make new buddies, but you should still stay conscious of the surroundings you are in. Every day has its risks which include talking with strangers.

Get to find out who is really talking to you.

In case you do not feel comfortable with the people you are with, just excuse yourself and find somebody else. Who knows if you might eventually find the right man for you there?

Some ladies use alcohol to hide their anxiety but it only gets worse as what they considered a safe way to hide their anxiety ends up paving the way for dangers.

Plan, Plan, Plan

When going to the party, if going too early is not ok, arrive at a convenient time, perhaps during the middle of the evening or much later so no one will notice your arrival.

If going early is not possible, or you might get there late, just call your loved ones or close pals to inform them of your late arrival.

So that in case you don't come home as expected, they can come looking for you.

This is called an action plan. And the best thing about a party is that you can leave any time you please.










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