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The Magic of Crystals

Everyone loves a ‘bit of sparkle’ – the popularity of our crystal jewellery confirms – but did you know that natural stones have more than just ‘bling!’ about them?

Crystals take millions of years to form underground and their mineral composition is said to give them a natural energy that varies from stone to stone.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is complementary and natural therapy approach that uses the properties and energies unique to each type of crystal to rebalance our own energies on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

Crystal healers run healing sessions using their knowledge of the stones properties and how they affect us. By positioning stones around the patient’s body they can treat a variety of ailments for mind, body and soul - including headaches, stress and emotional release.

Crystals at Home

Even if visiting a crystal healer isn’t on your agenda, having crystals at home can be beneficial to your energy levels.

Types of Crystals

A little research can help you identify the right crystals for you and what you want to achieve:

CLEAR QUARTZ – Considered the ‘Master Healer’, absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy as well as aiding concentration and memory,

TIGERS EYE – A beautiful golden stone said to aid power or motivation by ridding your mind and body of fear, self -doubt and anxiety.

RUBY – The restorer of sensuality, sex and intellect and said to help bring self- awareness.

ROSE QUARTZ – A pretty pink stone all about love. Claimed to restore trust and harmony and encourage love, respect and trust.

Choosing your crystals

There are many forms in which you can buy crystals for your home. These include the more expensive ‘cut’ crystals, the cheaper option of ‘tumbled’ crystals or in their natural (and cheapest form) as ‘raw crystals’. Some are crafted into ornaments or even, in the case of Himalayan salt (known for producing ions when warmed) crafted into lamps.

Cleansing your crystals

Cleansing crystals doesn’t mean washing them (in fact this is not recommended at all!) – it means tuning their properties and energy to you and your needs. This can be done in many ways – including placing crystals in full moonlight or holding them to pass on your energy,


Placing your crystals

If you are planning to display crystals around your home to affect the energy of the space then ‘bigger is better’.

Research the property of your crystals to decide the best location for them. Black Tourmaline for example has protective properties and is often placed near the main entrance.

Whether you believe in the properties of crystals or remain unconvinced there is no denying that they make beautiful ornaments around the home attractive jewellery pieces and unique gifts.

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