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March is springtime, a month of hope, new life and new beginnings. It is also the month to celebrate Mothers!

Mother’s Day and Mothering Sunday, although now both used when referring to the fourth Sunday in Lent, actually have separate origins.

‘Mother's Day’ was celebrated every spring by the ancient Greeks where they would hold festivals of worship to celebrate Rhea, the Mother of the Gods and Goddesses. The Romans also celebrated a mother Goddess, Cybele, every March as far back as 250BC.

Like many celebrations the original ‘Mothering Sunday’ has its roots in Christianity and was first celebrated in the UK around the 17th century. Closely linked to the Laetare Sunday festival in the Christian calendar and mainly involved visiting your ‘mother’ church in your childhood home and eating simnel cake.

‘Mother’s Day’ as we now know it didn’t take shape until the 1920s in the aftermath of the First World War when thousands of mothers were left without their sons; popularity and enthusiasm peaked again after the Second World War when it became much more the ‘flowers and cards’ event it is today.

In the 12 months since Mothering Sunday 2020 women’s experiences of motherhood have been reshaped and reformed. Many women have started their journey into motherhood in ways they could probably never have imagined before; with lockdowns and social distancing restricting access to family and support networks and with limited medical services.

This year hasn’t just been difficult for new mothers; those with older children have felt the pressure of juggling ‘working from home’ with home-schooling, many whilst caring for siblings too. In fact recent reports have shown that working mothers are now having to find an additional 16 hours a week to stay on top of their new lifestyle and still complete the housework and domestic chores that need doing (and still seem to fall under their remit!)

If ever there was a chance to give a huge virtual hug to the amazing ladies in our lives then this Mother’s Day could be it!

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