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Society’s attitude towards growing old has historically leaned towards the ‘get on with it quietly’ persuasion; Especially towards women, for whom even wearing the wrong outfit (or particularly in choosing an ‘inappropriate’ skirt length) could lead to them being judged and made to feel uncomfortable.

Many of society’s rules and guidelines about growing old have their foundations in tradition and outdated social practices; especially when it comes to fashion and moral behavior. Like the idea that women of a certain age shouldn’t show too much flesh for fear of being labeled ‘mutton dressed as lamb.'

This recent article from the Daily Mailnotes:

 “in 1980 few women older than 33 would dare to venture out in a short skirt…..” but with changes in society “within a decade, women in their mid-40s and early 50s will rightly regard a mini-skirt as an essential part of their everyday wardrobe…..”

Definitely, something to look forward to then….

Is Society Changing the Rule of Growing Old?

If you google ‘older women’ (or similar phrases) some of the top results lead you to date sites aimed specifically at them – or the lucky men looking to date them. There are also numerous articles singing the praises of dating a more experienced lady, and let’s not get started on the rise of the cougar.

But it wasn’t that long ago that the idea of older people enjoying romance was considered laughable, maybe even impossible. After all, if the sprightly and engaging ’30-something’ Bridget Jones was struggling then what hope did anyone older have? And, if the internet isn’t for you, then where on earth can the older generations go to look for love ‘in real life’?

Especially when the older generations are rejecting the more traditional methods of coupling up. This research concludes that 37 is officially the age when you are ‘too old’ to be seen in a nightclub! And 37% of respondents “said that there was nothing more tragic than seeing adults in their 40s and 50s surrounded by twenty-somethings in pubs and bars”. Just as well then that there are now many dating apps and sites aged at the older market (especially as the Miss Jones generation are heading towards their 50s at an alarming rate!)

Whilst some rules of society are there to keep us safe (Skateboarding into your 80s might seem like a liberating thing to do there’s a much higher risk that you will be injured when you fall off. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a go – just be prepared to accept the outcome!) But growing old would be a lot more interesting and progressive if people heeded the advice given with their safety in mind but enjoyed living their own lives in a way that makes them happy. The rules of society will doubtless have moved on again in a very short while and things that seem restricted today will be viewed totally differently – so grow old in a way that makes you happy and fulfilled as long as you’re not hurting anyone are you ever really ‘too old’?

What "growing old" rules do you like to break as you get older?

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